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High Drive Confession

Just some venting about the relationship I have with this dog!

I’m sharing this to remind everyone that EVERY dog has issues the handler deals with daily. No matter how good the dog looks, no matter the level of training etc. There is always baggage and issues that lurk in the shadows.

Objects – they are the crutch of our relationship, they are the one thing that will get me bit and Blitz crushed. Objects – until you have dealt with an old blood KNPV dog that is willing to die to possess an object you can’t understand my pain. But there are some of you that know exactly what I’m talking about.
Objects – doesn’t really matter what it is – once he gets it and thinks it’s his, it becomes a dance of intelligence, power, dominance, force, pressure, avoidance and timing. Mess up one aspect and or get sloppy in your handling and control and you will learn very quickly that all the love in the world will not over come genetics and drive is your enemy at times.

Now, to really complicate it – he has street bites and 100% knows the power and compliance of his jaw pressure.

If any of this is a foreign language – stop reading now, I accept that I know nothing and your training methods would fix my problem..

My reality!!! Give this guy a “chew proof” “unbreakable” hard rubber toy. Better the toy than the hotel room. Well – he destroyed it. Now the dance begins when I take away the “prey” he just possessed, destroyed, killed and is now shredding.

Lordy – again.. I know, some of you will say it’s a training issue. Tell him “out” – super simple. Trade him something else. Give him a correction etc. Well – until you’re “holding the leash” it’s not really that black and white!

I love this dog to death. He has danced with the demons and flat out crushed them! He has stood his ground with real evil and sent that evil straight to the ER! No better friend – no worse enemy.

You see to truly get the 1% behavior it comes with baggage – it always does! And for this guy, we will deal with object possession issues into the foreseeable future.

Buddy, I love you and hate you!!!!


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