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Start Your Puppy Off in life with a strong foundation in obedience

Getting a new puppy can be both exciting and scary, especially if you have never raised a puppy before. For first-time owners, it’s important to note that puppies aren’t small furry humans – they are a completely different species with their own natural behaviors and desires.

All puppies must be consistently trained, or they may not grow up into that well-mannered, sweet, and loving dog that everyone dreams of having.

Teaching your puppy how to learn and how to engage are truly life lessons that will follow your puppy throughout its adult life. The key to success is maintaining motivation during your puppies’ education and keeping it fun. While working with your puppy environmental exposure is the next link in the learning process.

puppy training

Puppy Training benefits

About puppy training

Our puppy programs will lay the foundation of basic obedience training. In this program, your puppy will learn the basic commands of heel, sit, down, and place. We will start training at our facility and quickly progress to a public environment. We want to train the puppy in a public setting as much as we can so we can properly expose and socialize your puppy to all types of environments.

From the time you hand off your puppy to our trainer, we will start to develop a working relationship with your puppy.  We will immediately begin to establish appropriate boundaries for successful learning.  With young puppies, we will use positive reinforcement by way of food and toys to motivate your puppy to learn.  At this young age, fun and food are the foundation of our puppy training.

We offer various options for puppy training to help set you and your puppy up for success from the start! We will provide a schedule that allows for successful housebreaking and crate training. We will teach your puppy basic obedience and create a foundation of learning that can be built upon as they grow for a lifetime of success.

  • 2-Week Puppy University  $1800
  • Puppy All-Inclusive (10-day puppy board & train + adult two-week training)  $3,800


It is important for you to start training with you puppy as early as possible. Young puppies are a blank slate.  They are constantly absorbing information from the environment around them. If you provide them with structure and knowledge at a young age, they will develop into well mannered canine members of your family.

All puppies deserve the best we can provide them at a young age.  That includes balanced training and appropriate socialization from a young age.  

Our puppy training will help alleviate jumping, biting, barking, anxiety and security that could lead to aggression. We also help you teach your dog how to learn so that she will continue to be a receptive student into adulthood.

Puppy Age Range: 8-Weeks to 5-Months

Puppy training is NOT adult dog obedience training. It is impossible to make a 3-month-old puppy act like a 3-year-old dog. Puppy training is step one in your dog’s education. Much like primary school is not the same as college. When a puppy comes home the trainer will work with you to ensure that you have all the information and training necessary to continue working with your puppy daily to reinforce with consistency the foundational training your puppy received.

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