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Dog Aggression

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Aggression issues plague many dog households. Often aggression falls heavily on communication issues. Dogs get confused about what is expected of them and take it on themselves to interpret their response to situations and interactions.

Thus when dogs fall back on instinctual drives behaviors such as resource guarding, object obsession, protective, aggressive, and being possessive can all work there way to the surface and become a safety issue.

To work through aggression there are multiple steps. First – we must establish communication. As with all other puppy and obedience training – communication is critical. As communication is being established both trust and bonding are taking place establishing a relationship between training and dog. The dog doesn’t have to like the trainer – but respect must be there.

While building the relationship and focusing on communication the trainer will work on obedience. Often within the first two-weeks a breakthrough moment will happen and you will see the dog start to “let it go”. The dog must learn a “new way” of being; always looking for guidance and direction and not freelancing their own agenda.

When working with aggressive dogs, once the safety concerns have been worked through, the basics must be reinforced over and over. We always want a dog to be able to fall back on the basics during stress, drive, and unknown stimulus.

Aggression Control packages start at 4-weeks and can go up to 6-weeks depending on the situation. Everything is a case-by-case basis. All aggression control receives the same obedience as in our obedience packages but also includes behavior modification. Aggression control behavior modification focusing on behaviors like neutrality and stability. The dog must learn to be neutral, stable, and take direction from the owner/handler.

Any dog with an aggressive past or bite history should NEVER be off-leash in a public setting. The ends never justify the means and you must protect other people from getting bitten by your dog. It is always your responsibility to have positive control over your dog at all times. Never assume the dog is rehabilitated, it is still a living creature and thinks for itself. Always set your dog up for success. Manage your dog and manipulate the environment for the betterment of your dog.


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