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Service Training

Service Dog Training by Ridgeside K9 Located in Northern Virginia.

Service Dog Training varies tremendously in the dog training industry. Ridgeside K9 does not “certify” any dogs in working services.

However, we provide the obedience components that allow many service dogs to go forward in their training. We can support the mission of turning a dog into a true service dog by providing advanced obedience.

Prior to training, a training blueprint will be established to ensure specific goals are met that are outside the scope of an obedience board and train package. Once the training blueprint is complete we will work with the handler to ensure we are all on the same page moving forward.

Ridgeside K9 will then establish the needed obedience on the dog to allow the dog to move forward into specialized training. If needed Ridgeside K9 will work hand in hand with specialized dog trainers that focus solely on service dog work to ensure our obedience is in-line with their program. This ensures a seamless transition from one program to the next as the dog’s education grows.


Get your dog professionally trained by Ridgeside K9.


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