Deaf Dog training

Your Route To A Training Success

Deaf dogs are not harder to train, just a bit different. Deaf puppies and dogs learn the same as hearing pups and dogs. You and your pup or dog just need some help to get on the same page. Even if a dog is older and/or is losing his hearing – we have found that they can adapt well to their environment, especially with help from a loving owner.

Training a deaf dog is a unique opportunity to establish communication between the dog and the owner. When training a deaf dog, Ridgeside K9 utilizes hand signals and vibration through a training collar which allows for clear communication between owner and dog. We have trained countless deaf dogs and truly enjoy the experience we have in teaching a deaf dog how to engage, how to learn, and how to please.

Do you have a deaf dog that’s in need of training? Here at Ridgeside K9, we speak ‘dog’ and will help bridge the communication gap between you and your deaf dog. 

Deaf Dog Training Covers

The key to having a well-mannered deaf dog is to start training early on. This hearing-impaired dog training course is specifically designed to help create communication between you and your dog. Our goal is to make sure that your deaf dog is groomed to be a balanced member of your family.

Deaf dogs usually have excellent eyesight and a great sense of smell! Our main approach to teaching a deaf dog is to use his eyesight and acute sense of smell to teach him various cues and commands. Deaf dogs are usually very attached to their owners and are eager to please.

Our Deaf Dog Training combines obedience through sign language, confidence-building exercises, physical conditioning, and off-site training to properly train your deaf dog. Teaching your dog hand signals and how to focus on you the handler, is the key to success.

  • How to communicate with your deaf dog
  • Basic Cues: Sit, Down, Watch Me, With Me, Come, Trade, Give, Relax, and Wait
  • Leash walking
  • Preventing and dealing with unwanted behaviors
  • Deaf dog-specific cues: Touch and Follow
  • How to keep your deaf dog safe
  • Socialization with people and dogs at home and in public

In addition to your deaf dog’s needs, we recognize that as an owner, you may also have questions and concerns. Part of our program is dedicated to educating and working with owners to ensure the needs of the entire family unit are met.

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