Obedience Training

Basic and Advance Obedience Training

We have a program for every day no matter the age, breed, size, or problem.

Obedience training at Ridgeside K9 is the foundation of everything the company does. All aspects of dog training from service dog work to high-end sport dog competition fall back on the obedience foundation the dog received.

The “basics” are never as basic as many believe. The “basics” must be the foundation the dog can fall back on under stress and when in a state of the drive. As with all things – the stronger the foundation the stronger the structure. However, if the foundation is weak, no matter how fancy the structure is it will eventually fail.

Our training goal is always to provide your dog with the strongest obedience foundation possible in the allotted time we have to ensure you and your dog can fall back on obedience whenever needed in real-world situations.

Dog training is not rocket science, however, it is a skill set that takes years to perfect and years more to seamlessly deliver high-end training to all dogs with all issues.

About Our Obedience Training

What is the difference between a good obedience trainer and a great obedience trainer you ask? Easy answer, the trainer’s ability to teach clients what they have taught the dog is what separates the good from the great and truly what separates Ridgeside K9 from the rest.

During our obedience training packages your dog will receive the following:

  • Off-leash recall
  • Off-leash place
  • Heeling
  • Sit, down, place, off
  • Social behaviors
  • Liveability behaviors
  • Negative marker (allowing you to communicate undesirable behavior immediately, thus creating positive behaviors and modifying old undesirable ones)

As with children, not all dogs are the same. As not all children can play professional sports, not all dogs can be obedience demonstration dogs. We will bring out the best in your dog. We do not compare kids, nor do we compare dogs. The goal is to work with each individual dog team (owner and dog) and bring out the best possible obedience while taking everything into account.

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