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Group Dog Training Classes

Ridgeside K9, Offering Group Dog Training Classes Locally in Northern Virginia & Surrounding Areas. For More Information Call/Text (703) 586-8968 or Schedule A Free Consultation.

Group Classes at Ridgeside K9 are a great way to ensure, measure, and proof your dog’s obedience. Our group classes are open to clients that have already been through Ridgeside K9’s obedience training programs.

Group classes are used as continuing education for both dog and owner and a safe way to work your dog in a new environment around new people and dogs while keeping things under control.

Group classes are (not) doggie socialization classes. Group training is structured with a series of events with dog teams (owner and dog) working in close proximity to other dog teams. During group training “focus” is the desired behavior. We work heavily on your dog’s ability to be neutral and stable around other dogs and people while maintaining obedience and control.

Group classes are a great way to have fun with your dog, push the limits of your training, expand the thresholds of your training and do it all in a safe and controlled fashion.

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