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Enjoy The Silence

Just had one of those moments and thought I would share it. The morning routine; just finished running, cleaning and feeding the dogs in the kennel. Now its the morning coffee, emails, invoices and “follow-up” things before jumping into training for the rest of the day.

I literally rinsed off my breakfast plate and turned around to this view and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I had that feeling of “you made it – slow down a little”. And then, that very same moment I heard that voice I hear all day 24/7 in the back of my head telling me “you’re not sh-t, this could all go away tomorrow, push harder”.

You see I came from very little – by all definitions I was “poor white trash” growing up. We moved around often and I swear I went to a different school every year up until high school. During high school I worked full-time. First at “Roy Rogers” – I got fired, and then for almost 4 straight years at Giant Pharmacy as a tech. I left for the Marines 3 days after graduating high school and have basically never looked back. I have been given nothing in my life. No handouts or hand downs. When my father passed I was given a watch, an old citizen – zero value, but I will hold onto that scrape of metal for my lifetime. Sure wish my Dad was here now!

What I wasn’t given in monetary value or assistance I was provided in guidance by 4 strong male roll models in my life.

– Grandfather / hard man but hell of a role model for all of us. Old school 40 years in the agency. Believed strongly in service. Practiced what he preached daily.(passed)
– Father / Army vet and life time of government service. Loved the entrepreneur idea, but was ahead of his time. (passed)
– Step Father / veteran and life of government service with a 3 letter agency as well. Came into our life and provided stability during my high school years. This man has taught me many life lessons that I live by to this day.
– Uncle / was always there for me growing up. Stepping in like a father many times. Taught me about hunting and outdoor life. He was also an old school street cop. Filling my head with stories of the action during the late 80’s and 90’s in the city he worked in.

As I enter my 40’s I do so taking a little bit of each of these men with me on my journey.

After the Marines I spent the next 14 years as a police officer working on every tactical unit the department had until finding my love and passion in K9. My wife pushed me to go back to school using my GI-bill money and some how The George Washington University accepted my application – night school flat out sucks! The entire time I had entrepreneur ideas, thoughts and visions. But like 99% I sat on the sidelines, worked my government job and settled. I loved my job as K9 but it was also slowly killing me from within. However, my fear of the unknown (self employment) kept me working for “the man”.

Until one night when I literally drafted a memo, turned it in at 0100 in the morning and walked away from law enforcement forever. My wife was like “you did what”? But she has been a solid supporter every moment from that day forward. And…she is in this with me. Solid teammate for life.

You see, the biggest decision of my adult life – quitting my job has also been the best thing I could have ever done. But it didn’t come easy. Three years of working midnights while building this business during the day. Literally three years of working 100 hour weeks maintaining one job while building, developing and growing another.

I use to live in so much “noise”. Now, I have come to love the silence.


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