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Life of a Dog Trainer

Ridgeside Trainer Jeff working with this Mountain dog. I snapped this picture after the last training rep of that cycle. I went over that afternoon to Jeff’s training yard to link up and problem-solve. I could see it in Jeff’s eyes. He was frustrated. “It’s all good – till it’s not”… Every trainer needs to be humbled, and reminded that dog training isn’t a game or social event. It’s a lonely, lonely place at times. Most think it’s easy, “You just play with dogs all day, right?” But when it’s your reputation on the line, things can get very stressful very quickly. All in all, we made great progress, a fresh set of eyes and ideas is what makes the team so strong!

In the end, it’s all about dog management and managing client expectations. Education on the seriousness of the dog and establishing real-world control at all times.

This was exactly the right dog for Jeff. 4-week board and train, they are BOTH learning a lot from each other. No easy day around here! ➡️No cherry picking dogs⬅️

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