Get Out – Go Walk

Working on neutrality and training in my favorite little town. I always try and communicate through body language “its time to” – walk, have fun, see the world, smell the world, enjoy the world and learn to deal with the stressors the world can induce. Impartiality to anxiety caused by unknow stimulus can be the most difficult thing for dogs to deal with – even highly trained dogs can struggle. At Ridgeside K9, we always work for stability and clarity. Often the board and trains are step 1 in a life time of training and behavior modification required for long term success. Daily reinforcement, daily conditioning, life time of problem solving are required. Fortune favors the brave – grab the leash, stair life in the face and GO WALK!!


Offer healthy and dog-friendly Thanksgiving treats

While it’s important to discourage your dog from begging during Thanksgiving, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy some special treats of their own. As you gather around the table to indulge in a delicious meal, consider preparing some healthy and dog-friendly Thanksgiving treats that your furry friend can enjoy without disrupting the festivities.

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