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Emotional Support

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Emotional Support Dog Training / PTSD Support dog – is offered by Ridgeside K9, LLC in Northern Virginia.

However, and there is a big, however, we need to be very upfront on what that means to us and what we offer to the client in terms of training. Ridgeside K9’s definition of an emotional support dog is a highly obedient dog that is environmentally neutral, stable, and indifferent to outside distractions and stimulus.

The dog should already have a bond with the owner and be compliant and comfortable with maintaining close proximity to the owner. Learning to ‘”place” on the owner during an emotional outbreak is a learned task. Being comfortable in “placing” on the owner is a trait and we can not teach traits.

Some dogs show extreme stress when the owner has an emotional outbreak – these dogs, no matter how much training they receive will never “learn” to not be stressed in that situation and would be unsuitable for emotional support; it doesn’t mean they are not good house pets, they just do not possess the traits needed for emotional support.

We can not teach the dog to love or like you – NO dog trainer can.

All emotional support training packages are 4-weeks in duration

During this time our training goals are to establish full off-leash control, full obedience, and focus heavily on environmental neutrality and stability while out in the real world.

There is nothing worse than seeing a service dog in public wearing a “working vest” of some type that is out of control.

Our goal is to have your emotional support dog be a true ambassador with world-class obedience that the handler can take into any environment with full and total control.


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