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Dog Training Night Classes

The perfect training class for pet owners who want to invest in their pets and the relationship between them and their pets. Our dog training night class and puppy training classes certainly add a host of value to pet owners as they can have more flexibility as they go about their day.

If you are looking for puppy training sessions that will help your puppy with obedience training, puppy socialization, positive reinforcement training, and puppy play, and general puppy training, enroll in our puppy class options that take place at night!

Our puppy training classes and our training services help your pups to get comfortable with unfamiliar dogs. It can help them engage in puppy play, basic obedience, and general elements of house training that matter to everyone.

Our basic obedience experts work to make sure that our pet parents are generally pleased with the dog training that we provide. At the same time, we make sure that your dogs learn to be a good canine citizen within our puppy class.

Here is what you must know about the dog training night classes at RidgesideK9Winchester.

Why Do We Offer Night Classes?

Before we proceed, it is essential to ask a simple question. How many dog training classes have your pet missed because of your busy schedule? Many, right? If you are guilty of this act, you are not alone because there are thousands of pet owners in the same shoes as you are.

We know that you want to take your puppy to puppy class and would love to see them engage in puppy play, but you may not have the time.

We know you love your furry baby, and you would do absolutely anything for their comfort, but your working schedule begs to differ. Your day belongs to your business or the office, while the night belongs to your rest. So which time of the day have you assigned to your pet? Barely any time, right?

As a pawparent, your busy schedules impede the relationship with your pets, leaving you little or no time to interact with them. We understand the stress of mixing pawparenting and business together. That is why we created a night class for dog training.

Our night class training is a win-win for you and your dog. You get the time to take care of yourself better and also to do other things while your dog gets the time to get trained and also associate with other pets. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

The training at RidgesideK9Winchester is structured to offer convenience as the only requirement is you dropping off your dog at our school and taking them home while we perform the rest.

The Structure of Our Night Training Classes

The night training class consists of other programs designed to correct behaviors and teach your dog new things. The uniqueness of this program is every dog gets to have a special set of training tailored to their needs or the needs of their owner (which is you).

The training has no limiting factor as we ensure every dog type, irrespective of their age or size is welcomed. Some of the teachings the training offers include:

Obedience and Submission

That’s a naughty dog! You might have heard this word several times hurled at someone’s pet at the park, or it could even be at your pet. Dogs are wonderful and cute, but what is the essence of a disobedient dog? A good pet should obey every command by the owner, and if it doesn’t, it becomes a problem for you and the dog. It goes ahead and disrupts the relationship, and it makes you feel less connected with your puppy. Your dog’s focus is on other matters and may not pay attention to you, which can create a massive rift in the relationship.

This training at RidgesideK9Winchester will teach your dog the essence of obedience and submission, so you no longer have to worry about your dog’s bad behavior anymore. Words like sit, stand, paw, stop, and more will also be incorporated.

Potty training

Potty training a puppy is as stressful as potty training a child. A poorly trained dog is a menace to the park and your home. This training will teach them how to answer the call of nature correctly, saving you the stress of the constant hide-and-seek poop finding in your home.

Dog walking

Are you part of some dog owners that swear collars and harnesses won’t hold their dogs during walking? This training will prove you wrong. Dog walking is an important skill every dog owner should acquire as it is one of the ways that aid bonding between you and the pet.

Aside from these various programs mentioned above, there are other programs this training offers.

How to Start 

We know you are eager to begin, so here is how it works. You will drop your dog off for night classes, and then you will pick up the wonderful pup after the session from Monday through Friday.

It’s as simple as it sounds, you only need to take and bring them during the weekdays. You can even practice the teachings from the training with your dog during the weekends. If you are ever needed here at our class, you will be notified earlier, and it will be in line with your schedule.

The Duration of the Program

We understand you don’t like your pets away for too long. So, this training will last for around two weeks to three weeks.

These 2 – 3 weeks will involve intensive training to ensure the program routines are covered. The aim is to ensure your pet gains and learns quite a bit during this period.

The teachers are professional dog trainers with years of experience and are also certified with the right credentials. You can rest easy knowing that the people conducting the dog training are passionate about the job and will make sure to account for the physical health and other aspects of your friend during puppy training.

Remember that your dog is in the safe hands of people at RidgesideK9Winchester who have trained hundreds of dogs, so there is no need to give room for worry.

Our Dog Training Pricing

With great responsibility comes great prices; hence the price for this training depends on your chosen duration. More duration helps to provide more training, more exposure, and more time that the dog can learn, absorb knowledge and training, among other aspects.

Our pricing will start from $1750 for two weeks of training and $2250 for three weeks.

If you have questions or concerns over your dog training, the schedule, how it all works, and how it could coincide with previous training, reach out to us today. We aim to provide enrichment, include your wonderful pup in enrichment activities, and contribute to your pup’s well-being with our training.

Reach out to Us today For New Classes and Training 

Whether you are looking for loose leash walking or a training program that keeps your puppies in good standing with you or would like to build confidence in your dog or a new puppy, we are here to help.

We understand that taking care of a new puppy and conducting dog training is quite a task, and make sure to help make your life easier.

We would be happy to help you with your dog regularly with our training program and would be pleased to build confidence in your relationship with your energetic animal. We have realized that a stronger bond with your animal brings about more fun, more socialization, and more exercise. Both of you practice different behavior methods to interact with life.

Remember that the earlier that any troubling behavior is corrected, the better for you and your dog. Reach out and book a place for your paw baby today.

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