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Ridgeside K9 Academy Dog Training School.

Ridgeside K9 Academy strives to assist those seeking a change in career path, or those jumping into the dog industry. Ridgeside K9’s dog trainer academy is open to any civilian or starting dog trainer. Ridgeside K9’s emphasis is on assisting veterans, police officers, and other first responders transitioning to a civilian career. Our academy will prepare you for all aspects of becoming a successful dog trainer and small business owner. When you graduate from the Ridgeside K9 Training Academy you will be prepared to hit the ground running on your new career.

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Our expert instructors and inclusive dog training philosophy gives you all the skills and knowledge to be competitive in this growing industry.

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With the pet industry market size at more than 103.6 billion dollars in 2020 (and growing!), there is no better time to start your dog training career. Our school for dog trainers offers a variety of intensive, specialized programs to allow you the opportunity to learn and develop a career in the area that most interests you. We have programs that are taught by subject matter experts with real-life experience in the field.

Students will learn from the ground up what it takes to become a successful dog trainer of pet dogs and an overview of training and working with working dogs. Our course offers a heavy emphasis on the psychology of “why” the training is effective and how to mitigate and work through a majority of complex issues. All aspects of behavior modification utilizing the psychology backbone to train, modify, and proof certain behaviors. Upon completion of the program students will understand how to teach basic obedience, off-leash obedience, problem solving and behavior modification. The use of slip leads, pinch collars, e-collars, clickers, marker training, rewards, corrections, etc etc will all be covered. Students will be directly involved with client interactions and customer service. Students will attend multiple turn-overs / go-homes with full-time trainers to get a deep understanding of start to finish pet dog training. Students will gain the confidence upon graduation to complete all aspects of pet dog training from sourcing clients, client interaction, training the dog, housing the dog, turn-over of the dog back to the client. Students will also learn Advanced Kennel Management. Proper ventilation, sanitation, kennel design and log keeping are just a few of the concepts covered. Hands on instruction in: Stress-reduction in kenneled dogs, design a new kennel building, and proper handling of boarding dogs.

Students who successfully complete the course will be prepared to step into any dog training program in America with a deep understanding of training protocol, client interaction, and kennel/facility management. High achieving students will be prepared to leave and start their own businesses. Ridgeside Academy will serve as an entrepreneur think-tank for all students into the future. Graduates will be leap years ahead of their peers in the pet dog training industry, to include a solid foundation in small business management and start-up of a small business. Those students who surpass their peers and exemplify the trademark qualities of our brand, will potentially be offered employment in Ridgeside K9 as a trainer or future location owner.

While Ridgeside K9 Headquarters is located in Loudoun County, Virginia – just outside Washington DC; our dog trainer school is located in the beautiful historic Winchester City, just 30 minutes from our headquarters. The training academy is also next to the Ridgeside Aquatics Training Center – all students will also train, learn, and see operations there. The Winchester Training Facility is a full-service dog training center with countless dogs in the building daily. Students will work with all breeds, sizes, ages, temperaments, drives, etc. Our training center is an active dog training center. Students will jump right in and assist with all dog training. Lodging is provided at a Marriott directly across the parking lot from our training center, a mere 2-minute walk from the facilities door. You will enjoy the atmosphere and proximity to training in the extended stay type room with kitchenette and small apartment atmosphere. The Marriot is dog friendly, so you would be able to travel with your personal dog if needed. Your hotel stay is INCLUDED in the cost of the school.

All students successfully completing the course will receive a certificate of completion. Students excelling in both dog training, business mindset, customer service, aptitude to problem solve, and showing high levels of maturity, will be offered employment with RSK9 upon completion.

We prepare you to actually train house pets. From intake to turn-over. The Ridgeside Dog Training Academy is a one-off school in America that teaches you real world dog training designed to get you into the dog training industry. We do not waste your time with “police dog” training – although all our instructors are actual prior law enforcement K9 and military handers. We do not sell you a dream of becoming a working dog handler knowing that process is NOT something you attend a civilian school to become. We teach you how to actually train house pets, so you can immediately hit the ground running when you graduate from our training academy. Our school is backed by a dominating, established, and proofed dog training brand that actually trains hundreds and hundreds of dogs a month. We diligently combine the psychological aspects of “why”, with the physical attributes of how to make the after product a symphony of harmonious techniques applied at a specific time to induce a specific result. Our school is also heavily focused on the business aspect of setting students up from day one to run, manage, and own their own location utilizing the techniques and protocols they were taught to be successful in this ever growing industry. In our school, students will be immersed in the small business environment on a daily basis, steadily gaining knowledge and insight on how to successfully run their own small business after completing the course.

Yes, we offer affordable and flexible financing. Please contact us above to get more information.

Our three month immersion program cost $25,000. Financing is available. Cost includes: – All lodging (currently on contract with the Marriot) Your room and board is included. – Three month school like environment – Long term support. Support from Ridgeside directly and your peers and other graduates. – May be a 100% tax write off for students – talk to your personal accountant to verify.

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By submitting this form, you are giving your express written consent for Ridgeside K9 to contact you regarding our educational programs and services using email, telephone or text  and periodic texts to any wireless number you provide. Message and data rates may apply. Visit our Privacy Policy for information about how we collect and use your personal information.