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Introducing the Ultimate Immersion Program for Aspiring Dog Trainers

Introducing Ridgeside K9’s Dog Trainer Shadow Program, an immersive experience designed to give aspiring dog trainers real-world, hands-on experience to take their skills to new heights. Step into the world of canine behavior and training alongside seasoned professionals, shadowing their every move and gaining invaluable knowledge.

Our program offers a comprehensive experience designed to equip aspiring dog trainers with a profound understanding of canine behavior, training methodologies, and the essential knowledge required to excel in this rewarding career. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your skills, our academy is committed to nurturing your passion for canine training, guiding you through a transformative journey to become a skilled and successful dog trainer. Join us and embark on an enriching path where your love for dogs and professional aspirations converge.

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You're passionate about learning the art of dog training.

You're eager to unlock the full potential of the dogs you train.

You're resourceful, adaptable, and able to think critically.

You're ready to embark on an experience that's not just rewarding but truly fulfilling.

You picture yourself gaining valuable experience while making a positive impact on both dogs and owners.

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Have you ever considered turning your love for dogs into a rewarding career?

For many of us, dogs are more than just pets – they’re beloved companions. It’s no wonder then, that the desire to understand and train these furry friends has become a sought-after skill. But can this passion translate into a fulfilling career?

With the pet industry market size at more than 103.6 billion dollars in 2020 (and growing!), there is no better time to start your dog training career. Our program offers a variety of intensive, specialized programs to allow you the opportunity to learn and develop a career in the area that most interests you. You’ll learn from experienced subject matter experts with real-life experience who will guide you every step of the way. So why wait? Start your journey towards becoming a successful dog trainer with our program today!


Benefits of a Dog Training Career

If you’re passionate about dogs and eager to make a positive impact, then dog training could be the perfect career path for you.
Check out a few of the benefits below.

Deepening Your Bond with Your Own Pets

A dog training career equips you with the skills to work effectively with clients' pets and deepens your understanding and connection with your own dogs. Applying professional techniques at home can improve your relationship with your pets, making for a more harmonious household.

Work-Life Balance Through Flexible Scheduling

One of the most appealing aspects of a dog training career is its flexibility. You can often set your own schedule, choosing the best hours for you and your clients. This flexibility allows for a healthy balance between work and personal life, catering to those who value autonomy in their professional endeavors.

Constant demand for Dog Trainers

As dog ownership continues to rise, so does the demand for professional dog trainers who can help address behavioral issues, ensure dogs are well-adjusted members of their families, and enhance the overall human-animal bond.

Building a Community of Other Dog Lovers

The dog trainer profession offers the unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for canines. Whether through networking events, social media groups, or day-to-day interactions, you’ll find yourself part of a supportive community of dog lovers.

Continuous Learning and Professional Development

The field of dog training is always evolving, with new research and techniques constantly emerging. This career path offers endless opportunities for learning and growth, ensuring that your work remains challenging, engaging, and rewarding.

Making a Meaningful Impact 

Perhaps the most gratifying aspect of being a dog trainer is the positive impact you can make on the lives of dogs and their owners. Helping to resolve behavioral issues improves the quality of life for pets and strengthens the bond between dogs and their families, creating happier, more harmonious relationships.


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Our program is more than just training; it's a launchpad for your dreams.

Live Training Sessions

Engage in live training sessions where you'll work with a diverse range of dogs, applying your knowledge and honing your skills under the guidance of our expert trainers. Gain invaluable experience in real-world scenarios, enhancing your ability to handle dogs effectively.

One-on-One Mentorship

Benefit from personalized guidance by expert trainers who will work closely with you to hone your skills, address your specific challenges, and provide tailored insights into the art of dog training.

Confidence Handling Dogs

Gain the confidence to handle dogs of all breeds and temperaments with ease. You'll master various obedience levels through hands-on experience, ensuring that you can handle any situation effectively. Each month, you will work with more than 15 different dogs!

Advanced Behavior Analysis

Delve deep into canine psychology with our expert trainers. Understand the "why" behind dog behavior and learn to apply this knowledge to tackle complex issues, transforming you into a behavior modification specialist.

Client Relationship Building

Develop strong client interaction and communication skills to build trust, educate owners, and provide exceptional customer service, enhancing your reputation as a well-rounded professional.

Comprehensive Dog Care

Acquire a well-rounded education in canine health, grooming, and nutrition. Learn to identify and address common health issues, provide preventive care, and maintain dogs in optimal grooming condition, ensuring their well-being and appearance.

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What's Included

Learn from experienced professionals and build your network in the dog training industry.

During your time in our program, you’ll have full access to our spacious 30,000 square foot facility, well-equipped classrooms, private kennels, and a refreshing doggy pool located in Winchester, VA. We also provide convenient accommodation options at a pet-friendly Marriott just across the street or at other preferred temporary living spots. Your professional training kit, including essential equipment, will be supplied to you. You’ll become part of our close-knit Ridgeside family, gaining access to lifelong support, mentorship, networking opportunities, and the chance to be an integral member of our enduring community.